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Parking at Valen. Wooden sign on the left. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


A walk through the forest. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Marking along the path. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Keiservardene. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

21. juli 1889

From the Emperor's visit July 21, 1889. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

23. juli 1903

From the Emperor's visit 23. juli 1903. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


View of the Raftsundet. The Trollfjord goes to the left behind the island. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


View of Digermulen. Stormolla to the left in the picture. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Keiservarden (TLG3)

Text: Bjørn Opdahl

Starting point

There are several trails up to the top of the Keiservarden. The starting point recommended by locals is at an exit just before the sign for Valen (about 1.8 km east of the ferry dock in Digermulen). (See pictures) Just before the exit, there is a wooden sign on the left side of the road (when coming from Digermulen) which shows where the path up to Keiservarden (Digermulkollen) starts. From here up to Keiservarden it is 2.2 km.

An alternative route (2 km) starts at the junction down to the ferry dock (alternatively about 70 m south of the junction), and goes along the mountain on the south side. It enters the path, which starts at Valen, before the final climb up towards Keiservarden. (see map)


To get to Digermulen, take the E10 (LOFAST) between Lødingen and Svolvær. At Raftsundet bridge, take the road 868. Follow the road south along the Raftsundet to Digermulen (22 km).

Tour description

Most (about 2/3 parts) of the trip goes through forests. The last 1/3 section is the steepest, but has no challenging sections. There is a clear path all the way.

Highlights of the trip

From the Keiservarden there is a great view over the Raftsundet and the Vestfjorden. Here you also look at Snøtinden, another great but somewhat more demanding hiking destination. There is also a varde on Digermulkollen which can be visited on the trip up or down.

Between 16 and 18 hours you can see the Hurtigruten pass through the Raftsundet.

Difficulty and recommended time

This is a nice family trip. There is a clear path all the way. Calculate approx. 1-1.5 hours up to Keiservarden.