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PHOTO: Bjørn Opdahl


Rock carvings, Lødingen (SOL4)

Text: Bjørn Opdahl


Take the E10 at Kåringen and drive on road 85 towards Lødingen. At the exit to the ferry port, drive straight on and on route 693 through Lødingen city center. Follow 693 through Lødingen center towards Nes fort. Turn right onto road 3 just before the gate (about 60 m) on Nes fort. Follow the road (about 1.3 km) across the harbor to Neshamn on the other side. Enter the road to the right and follow this approximately 410 m to a parking lot on the right side (see your own photo).

Park the car and follow the road to and through the farm at the end of the road (about 450 m) at Inner Neshamn. The trail starts on the other side of the courtyard and is marked with red marks. The markings are very worn in some places, but it is no problem to find the trail if you are a little aware. Follow the path along the sea (about 2 km) to the information signs and the wooden arrow that shows the road further up to the rock carriage (about 150 m). The information signs are almost impossible to read as they have been damaged by water. The trail is easy to walk and the scenery in the area is very nice. There are some stones in the path (see picture) in some areas, which can be slippery. At the Josars club there is a part of the trail that can be somewhat wet when it has rained.