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Closeup of Jupiter Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


The Jupiter station Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Information Poster Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Mars Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Information about Venus Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


The sun in beautiful Vesterålen Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Station Neptun Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Planet trail at Stokmarknes (TVH1)

Text: Bjørn Opdahl

Starting Point

The first station is at the start of the unfinished walking and cycling trail just below Europris on Stokmarknes.


If you come from Sortland you drive through Stokmarknes and onwards to Melbu. Europris is on the right after about 1.7 km from the bridge on Stokmarknes.

Tour description

The trail is about 3.7 km long, and follows the unfinished foot- and bike path right up to Hadsel Church. Several of the planet stations are located close to the church, and near the priest residence, which is close by.

Highlights of the trip

There are a total of 11 stations along the path. Each station has brief information about the current planet. After the trip you can go to www.kulturminneparken.no for a quiz to check how much you remember. You can then download a "certificate" as proof that you have walked the path and how many points you have received.

Below the main road, which runs below the priest residence, there are several ancient monuments as Viking graves and boathouses. There are both boat-shaped and regular round-shaped viking graves there. In the middle of one of the two mysterious star-shaped plants, that consist of stone and peat, there is a bautastein.

Difficulty and time use

The trail can be walked or you can ride a bike.
Should you go, keep in mind that you have to go 3.7 km back to the starting point! :-) It will take just over an hour for an adult to go one way, without a stop.
Since the walking and cycling path is not finished, you have to ride a bike on the mainroad. Therefore, the tour is not suitable for children who are not well trained by cycling. The road however, is straightforwardly and has only a slight rise towards the church.