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Friends in midnight sun. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Nyksund. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Barkestad. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Midnight sun at Keipen Photo: Mette Eide


The Trolls in Litjhornet Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


German rifle position at Bjørnefjell Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

Trær i tåke

Trees in fog on Svellen Photo: Mette Eide


Do you see the aristocrat? Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


Tjeldsundet from Sætertinden Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

LOVEST-Blog 2018


Please read the blog and click on the photo cards on the other pages. That way you can join a journey in the LOVEST region; Lofoten, Ofoten, Vesterålen and Sør-Troms. A journey where you get to know, and see pictures of, many small and big sights, tours and experiences.
And by looking at the maps, which are finally in each description, you'll see where they are in the region.

You can experience these "in real life" by visiting them later. Remember map, compass, good footwear, clothes and food. All activity is at your own risk!

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Harstad in winter light. Photo: Polarfoto Stig N. Gudbrandsen

26. december 2018

The year 2018 will soon be over, and the new year is just around the corner. 2018 has been a good year with many great hiking experiences in the LOVEST region.

The best tous for my part was perhaps the Svarta Bjørn-mountain walk on Bjørnfjell in Ofoten, and the trip up to Måtinden in Andøy in Vesterålen in a glorious sunshine. But the Dronnigruten, Ankenesfjell, the guided tour of the Spionkopen is highly placed. The same is the trip to Lofoten with Finnkjerka, Ytretinden, Glomtinden, accommodation in tents by Hauklandstranden and the ski trip to the Gammen at Leknes. Nevertheless, the trips in my immediate area such as the Cultural Trail at Borkenes, ski trips on Finnslettheia and Melåa and hiking on Aunfjellet and the Elgen are the closest to me. The region we live in can offer many wonderful beautiful nature experiences!

The picture above has Stig N. Gudbrandsen ( Polar photo ) been so friendly to lend out. It shows Harstad in a lovely winter light. For me, a perfect photo, which is also well suited for a New Year's greeting. There is no need for fireworks for this still gives me a party atmosphere!

We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Northern lights over Harstad

Nordlys over havet

Northern lights over sea and land, Harstad. Photo: Polarfoto Stig N. Gudbrandsen

21. december 2018

Then Christmas is coming soon, and many are taking Christmas holidays from this afternoon. In Christmas you will have to relax and enjoy the Christmas peace. What could be better than dressing warmly and walking out in the cold winter weather? If it's not cloudy, it's extra cold outside, but then you can also look at the starry sky. Then you will easily see Venus, as we also call for the Christmas star. Venus is the third most bright object on the sky, after the moon and the sun.

Under such circumstances there is a high probability that the northern lights will dance over the sky in their green colors. Stig N. Gudbrandsen (Polarfoto) has lent us the beautiful northern light image. The picture is taken from Gangsåsbotn towards Harstad. He has also lent us another picture showing a northern light covering the whole sky over Harstad. It is also worth to be seen. Click here to see the picture!

Then I will use the opportunity to wish everyone

A very merry Christmas!

The opening of Hålogaland bridge


Hålogaland bridge. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

9. december 2018

Today at 16.30 Hålogaland Bridge became open for normal traffic.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg stood for the formal opening of the bridge.

After the bridge was opened for normal traffic, there was a large influx of cars. There was a queue of cars from the Rica hotel in Narvik, around the roundabout at E6 on Øyjord, and back.

Ice swimming day at Evenskjer in Skånland

Ice swimming at 68 degrees north. Video: Bjørn Opdahl

1. december 2018

This year it was the 12th time "Icebathing Day" was conducted at Evenskjer in Skånland.

There was collectively warm-up at the beach before the ice swimmers went to the volunteer center to change. Exactly at 12.00, the signal went on, and the ice swimmers finally got into the fresh clear water with a temperatur of only 7 degrees (Celsius (44,6 Fahrenheit)). The temperature in the air was only 5 degrees, so it was warmer in the ocean than in the air.

Some were obviously well accustomed to the sea temperature, and was going for a longer swim ride.

Polar Night


Polar Night. Foto: Grete Melaa

19. november 2018

Grete Melaa has submitted this picture showing some of the beautiful light we can have in North-Norway in the "dark time" of the year.



The best beach in Lofoten? Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

2. november 2018

The perhaps most beautiful sandy beach in Lofoten is located on Haukland outside Leknes. People comes from close and far to enjoy themselves on the beach or go hiking in the mountains. When the sun is shining and it's hot, it's only the mountains around (and the temperature in the water) that tells you that you're not in a more southerner country. We are looking forward to the summer!


Rørvika badestrand

Bathing beach with swaberg in Rørvika, Lofoten. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

24. October 2018

The sandy beach in Rørvika is very welcoming where it lays at the exit where you drive off the E10 and out to Henningsvær. On hot summer days it can be very crowded here. But it's no wonder since it can offer beautiful swabergs, a long and beautiful beach with coral sand and a beautiful view over the Vestfjord.

So, if you are in Lofoten a warm sunny day you should have a towel, swimwear, sun factor, some food, something to drink and have some quality time on the beach. After such an experience are the batteries full of energy. ☺



Glomtinden seen from the parking lot at Rørvikvatnet. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

9. October 2018

Driving from Leknes towards Svolvær, passing the beautiful beach in Rørvika (where you drive off to Henningsvær), I have often looked up at Glomtinden. The mountain looks exciting where it pops up like a sugar dip in the landscape. The desire to go up to the top has been great, but the occasion have not matched. Until this summer.

One day that started with rain in Svolvær and later sun on Leknes, I had the opportunity on my way back to Svolvær. I did not want to go back to the rain so now a trip up on Glomtinden vould be nice. A trip that takes about 3-4 hours back and forth. Excellent!

When I arrived at the parking lot at Rørvikvatnet, at the end of the old main road that earlier crossed Rørvikskaret, there were several cars parked. I parked the car, and started walking up the old road where the asphalt has now been removed. At the top of the valley started the trail. After a few meters it was clear that this is a popular hike for tourists and others. There was not one, but several parall trails up to the top.

The trip is not particularly demanding. At a distance, the top looks steep and inaccessible. But when you get into it it's a little steep but not particularly demanding. I still hit someone who did not go the last bit. The view both at the top and the plateau below is reward enough for the trip.

I'll be back on later occasions. And on a hot summer's day, after such a trip, it's perfect to jump out into the sea from the beach in Rørvika.



Ádjačohkka, a natural fortress in the mountains. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

21. September 2018

It is steep to get up the Ankenes Alpine Slope to get up on Ankenes Mountain. But how great it is to come up and watch the view over Ofotfjorden, Narvik and Narvik port! And great is also when you move on. To the south you see the mountain range that looks like one, and is called "Sleeping Queen". To the east you look up to Vardfjellet, Ádjačohkka and Hardhausen.

The many do not know, even people from Narvik, is that there are many remains left after the fierce fighting, which took place here on 8 and 9 May 1940, between the Germans and the French. Especially on the tops there are many shooting, coverage and rest positions. Here lay 18-20 years old youths, they were cold and starved ... just to kill each other. So, if you do not just want to walk around, but get some history too, you can spend many hours wandering around in this mountain area to study ... and wonder about the madness war brings with it.

History, or not, this is a great hiking area that should definitely be visited.


Norsk stilling

Norwegian defense position at Spionkopen. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

14. September 2018

The Spionkopen at Bjørnefjell is a great destination in itself. The mountain top has a great view of Bjørnfjell, Søsterbekk and parts of the scenic Norddalen. It is a relatively easy trip in small hilly terrain.

What makes the trip extra exciting are all the military defenselines from 1905 until 1945, which lies along the entire mountain. You can also find remains after attempts at mining in the area.

Tjeldodden coastal fort 1940-1998


Defence position. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

7. September 2018

Tjeldodden coastal fort lies in scenic surroundings right on the southern tip of Tjeldøya at the inlet of Ofotfjorden. When you're there, you understand why the Germans, and later the Norwegian Defense wanted to have a fort there.

But today, Tjeldsund municipality has bought back the area, and it is now a great recreation area. The canons are gone, but all the bunkers and concrete installations are still there. Then it's up to you what you want to do;
Sit inside the grill cabin and enjoy yourself at the fire, stand on the rocks to fish, sit in Georg's place to sunbathe or walk around to look at all the remains after the fort. Or you can spend the whole day there, and do it all.

Tjeldodden coastal fort is worth a visit.



Sun over Vakkerstadlia. Photo: Stine Johnsen

31. August 2018

Is there a more beautiful place than Vakkerstadlia, ... hardly .. at least not if you are from Grovfjord.
But it's no wonder they think it's beautiful there. Because in Vakkerstadlia, it's beautiful!

Thus, Nova Turlag describes the amazing view: "To the west we have the Grovfjord, Myklevollkollen, Svellen and the whole raft of mountain peaks from Novatind to Toviktinden. To the northwest we see the Astafjord, Sør-Rollnes, Vågsfjorden and Harstad. To the north and northeast we have Rolla, Andfjord, Andørja and Senja - and together with the midnight sun this is a pure pleasure! "

In addition, Nova Turlag has arranged for good experiences in Vakkerstadlia with a hut, latrine, campsites and viewpoints. The hut has oven and equipment for coffee making and cooking, and there is the possibility of accommodation if you wish.



Enjoying the view. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

20. August 2018

Finally! On the third attempt this summer we managed to walk the Queen Route. We started in Nyksund.

The first one we met was a little girl who came bouncing (on the little girls' way) down the path to the parking lot. She was 7 years old and had walked the Dronningruta with her 9-year-old brother, the mother and grandmother from Nyksund across the mountain to Stø and back along the beach.

It was the same route we wanted to go. So we set off with good courage. The sun shone and it was no wind. A perfect weather to walk this trip. In big contrast to the weather the other two times we had tried to go the trip.

The trip starts with a uphill, and that lasts until you reach the highest point on Finngamheia (448 m.o.h). In Nyksundskaret there is a path splits where you can choose to go to Stø along the beach or over the mountain. We walked over the mountain and back via the beach.

Just before the Kjølen, the last peak before going down to Stø, we took a meal break. We could see people who walked along the trail all the way from Nyksundskaret to where we sat. Suddenly we heard something right over us. It was an eagle that came flying over the top just 4-5 meters aside for where we sat. We could follow it for a long time as it flew down Langvadalen.

From the top of Kjølen you go down towards Stø and have a magnificent view. Here you also look down on the beautiful sandy beach Skipssanden which you later cross over on your way back to Nyksund.

The trip from Stø to Nyksundskaret is easy to walk. At Enge there is a barbecue cabin/gapahuk where you can sit down and relax. There are otherwise many places you can sit down on the rocks to enjoy the sun, and the waves that hit the rocks on the shore. The last climb up to Nyksundskaret, and then the descent to Nyksund, may be a little demanding if you are a little tired in your legs after the long trip. (Everyone is not like a 7-year-old kid anymore!) But happier you are, to have completed the trip, when you arrive Nyksund. ☺



On top of Finnsæterkollen. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

10. August 2018

If you are at Stokmarknes or Melbu and want a nice mountain trip, Finnsæterkollen can be a good alternative. From the top you have a great view. And the trip is not particularly long or demanding. The last bit up to the top is a little steep, but if it's too heavy it's just to take a break! Good parking, and nice trail all the way.



Great, and airy, view from Måtinden. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

03. August 2018

This mountain is right in its name. This top, which stretches only 408 meters above sea level, "must" you only visit! The trip is relatively simple and there are not any airy parties (unattended at the top if you choose to go out on the edge). And you get a reward for the trip in the form of a formidable view when you arrive.



Finnkjerka. Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

03. August 2018

Starting from the parking lot at Torvdalshalsen in Vestvågøy you can go up to a mountain called Vetten. When you reach the plateau you reach a place where the path divides. On a direction sign, it says "Finnkjerka". If you follow the sign and turn left you will find a large stone that lies entirely alone on the plateau. In earlier times, the Sami often used significant stones as a sacrifice place. This stone was probably such a Sami sacrifice place, and hence the name Finnkjerka (Sami Church).

Today there is a book in which you can write your name.
So now it's just for you to go there and sign up! Click on the image or heading to get help finding your way.


Forlatt hus

Abandoned house in Høyvika, Photo: Mette Eide

31. July 2018

At Stave, on Andøya, lies the beautiful sandy beach of Høyvika, where you can swim in both the sun and the sea! Here you can bring tents and some friends, or the family, and have a great weekend together. However, the trip is not suitable for everyone.

Click on the picture or heading to learn more about Høyvika!



View of Eggum seen from Ytretinden, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

25. July 2018

When driving "on a trip" in Lofoten, it is a must to take a rest at the picnic area on Torvdalshalsen.
In addition to a toilet, the place also has a nice view south towards Borge.

Behind the picnic area lies a little mountain (Height 270). The trail up to the top shows that many people take the opportunity to stretch their legs and take a walk. And those who take the trip are rewarded with a great view.

The most keenest visitors takes the trip to Ytretinden.

And they are rewarded with an even more beautiful view!
Do you have time and occasion you should take the trip to Ytretinden.



View of Kjerringa, Kallen and Durmålshågen seen from Ramnan, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

13. July 2018

At Ramnan is the ALOMAR Observatory. On Røyken lies the remains of a German station from World War II. From all three peaks you have a great 360 degree panoramic view.

The walk up to Ramnan goes along a good road, which is closed for cars.

Jennestad Handelssted


Tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

10. July 2018

At Jennestad Brygge, about 7,7 km north of Sortland center, they have goods from far and near. A total of 14,000 commodities have this old trading place, which is now a museum, in its drawers, shelves and storage rooms.

In addition to the store, where some of the product range is located, there is a post office and a separate exhibition that presents the story to the trading venue. Here you will also find more about the graphite mine that was driven close by. You can also visit the office of the trader who owned and operated the place.

The time has stood still at this old trading venue after the store was closed down in 1982, after 152 years of operation. The place is worth a visit. Free entrance, but limited opening hours.

At the top of Nupen


A Staircase in the woods, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

3. July 2018

Nupen, located on the border between Harstad municipality and Kvæfjord municipality in Kasfjorden, has been named Norway's most romantic place. At midnight hours on summer evenings, when the sun shines in red and yellow in the sea to the north, there are many cars in the parking lot. And even more people down by the sea.

However, if you are of a little vigorous type you can get an even better view by walking up the plateau across the parking lot.

But the best view is at the very top of Nupen. The view is so great that the trip is recommended for all seasons, and almost all times of the day. (Should you go in the winter you should walk up the forest road from Skjerstad.)

Mystical star-shaped facilities


The bauta is in the middle of the star system, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

29.June 2018

Along the county road 82, by the Hadsel parsonage, is a graveyard from pre-Christian times. There are two star-shaped constructions in the field. One with a bauta in the middle of the construction. They were probably built around year 500.

Archaeologists have more theories, but have not yet agreed, what this is or what the purpose of these star-shaped facilities was. However, they agree that there has been no grave.

If you click on the picture, you will learn more about what archaeologists think the Vikings may have used these facilities for.

Midnight Sun-event on the Keipen Sør, Harstad


Exciting light at midnight, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl


I was there last year. Fog on the way up. But the gods were generous and let the midnight sun shine through the fog. Mini-concert on the top of a mountain! A wonderful and somewhat magical experience.

The aim is to be on the Keipen Sør (Keipvatnet, Aunfjellet), Friday 29 June at 23.00.
So, we can just hope that the gods will be generous also this year. Bedriftsidretten Harstad and Harstad Tidende shall have many thanks for arranging such a great Ti På Topp-event!

German grave monument near Hadsel church


German Soldier Grave

23. June 2018

When the war ended, there were many minefields around in Norway. These had to be cleared, and German soldiers were assigned to the task. In order to ensure that minefields were cleared, the German soldiers, as a last control, had to walk arm to arm across the whole minefield.

It was probably in some cases that not all of the mines were removed, and some soldiers died. However, there were several other dangers associated with the tidying of such minefields and other exposives that were left after the war.

At the end of a cemetery in Hadsel, just outside Stokmarknes, are a memory over 11 German soldiers who perished in such an episode. 17 days after the war was over.

Click on the header or picture to get the whole story.

Planet trail on Stokmarknes


The planet Venus

19. June 2018

At Stokmarknes you can walk from planet to planet in our solar system. The distance from Pluto, located on the outskirts of the solar system, to the Sun is at Stokmarknes only 3.7 km! In other words, fully affordable both walking and cycling. The planets are placed with the correct spacing and in a properly reduced size.
In addition, it is a great trip in itself.

Click on the heading or image to get more information about this trip.

Cultural trail at Gállogieddi


Cultural Trail at Gállogieddi, Plan: Várdobáiki sami center

12.June 2018

A Sami cultural trail with facts and stories that suits the whole family. There is a shelter and an activity trail for free use. The activity trail includes multiple items such as e.g. balancing beams, balancing ropes, ladders and climbing facilities etc. A nice trip to take the kids on at the weekend. Are you lucky you can meet the the earth spirits and trolls!
There is a large car park by the road so more families can go together.

The Cultural Trail at Borkenes


Stone fence by the Cultural Trail, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

11 May 2018

I have for a long time known about the culture trail at Borkenes. But it was at the Ascension Day this year I got the opportunity to take the trip. It was also the day the summer heat came to northern Norway. In shorts and T-shirts, we started from the parking lot at Skallan.

Along the way we stopped at several sights; graves from the heathen time, information signs, meadows with beautiful stone fences, an old summer barn with turf roof etc. In a few places there were benches in places overlooking Kvæfjorden and the surrounding villages.

The trail is easy to walk and is suitable for families with children who likes to walk in the nature. It is also possible to ride a bike, but it is only paths. It is recommended to walk. Because it is easier to discover, and to take a closer look at sights which lays a bit aside of the trail.

Melåa 1 May 2018

Melåa 1 May 2018, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

3 May 2018

Lovely trip to Melåa on 1 May. A little bit less wind, and we could have walked in T-shirts and shorts. Looking forward to the continuation of the ski season. There is a lot of snow in the mountains. I guess we can go skiing at Melåa in June, this year too.



9 April 2018

Today, one year ago, the LOVEST pages were published.
During this year, 57 different tours, attractions and experiences from the whole LOVEST region have been published.

More than 600 different users from 35 countries have made up to 9500 page views. Around 49% of users have visited the pages several times.

The pages have been continuously developing with new tours, sights and experiences. The presentation of the pages has also changed. (You may want to update the screen sometimes.) There are, inter alia, interactive maps where users can zoom in and out of the maps. Click on the "Interactive Map" link located underneath the map in each tour, experience, and attraction presentation. The trip goal is plotted into the map! It should also be possible to get the map to enter your location if you have allowed location indication on your phone/PC. This makes it easier to find your way to the goal.

It's a pleasure to announce 2.0 in the jubilee.
The pages are even better suited for the use of mobile phones. Among other things, the menu is improved.
The blog (Home) has now become a blog. Here you will find new tours, experiences, attractions, activities (see "Activity Calendar" under the "Lookup" option in the menu). And much more will be presented and commented.
And the winter has been used to translate all the pages on into English and German!
The entire portal is now over 290 pages!

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Sabine Gehlmann for her help in proofreading the German pages. She has not had a simple job of interpreting and translating my more or less good descriptive reviews of the various tours, sights and experiences. I also have to thank Kine and Connie Haugmåne, and especially Janne Opdal, for their help with the English text. By date there are still a few pages that will be reviewed. will be further expanded and developed during the year to come.
So follow the Blog so you are up to date.

Skiing from Kabelvåg to Svolvær


View of Prestvannet and Vestfjorden, Photo: Sabine Gehlmann

7 April 2018

In the ski track between Kabelvåg and Svolvær there is almost no slopes. But there is one that differs significantly from the others. It is the "monster" slope located approximately at the center of the Prestvannet. On hard and icy snow, it may be a challenge to many. The picture is taken from the top of the hill, showing the view to the southeast.

The northernmost downhill is the worst! As an alternative, to avoid this hill, you can follow the edge of the Prestvannet.
There were some who took advantage of this opportunity this Easter too.

Easter trip from Leknes to the hut/gamme


The gamme is in sight, Photo: Bjørn Opdahl

4 April 2018

It was the "quiet week", and the Easter holiday was started. In Harstad a lot of snow was reported in these days before Easter. But (Weather broadcast on internett) had announced that in Lofoten the sun should shine.

So the choice was easy. We went to Lofoten to go skiing. Due to the great danger of avalanches this year, mountain tours in steep terrain were excluded.
By checking we found that there were preset skitracks in Kabelvåg/Svolvær, Borg and Leknes. Our first choice fell on Leknes.

The trip started at the sports hall at Leknes. In advance we checked that the trip was about 7 km one way, with an climb of about 250 meters. At first, the track passed the "Astrid's Gapahuk" and the "LOIF's Gapahuk". The first 2/3 of the trip went in a light child-friendly terrain. Then there was a part with some climbing before the terrain again flattened somewhat out. The last bit to the gamme/hut went over a water.

Outside the gamme there were about 10 pairs of ski together with three dogs. It was windy, and it started to snow. Three young men sat outside in the snow and grilled sausages, but we chose to go inside. Inside it was almost full, but when there is a heart there is also space, so we got a seat to sit.

The talk went easy. Here were both adults, and children of all ages, who had taken the skiing up to the gamme/hut. The youngest was only one year, but lay asleep outside in a pulk. Eventually he woke up and we greeted him too. He was with his mother and grandmother on tour. They were from the Netherlands.

The trip down the mountain started in a relatively heavy snowing weather. The trail was almost not visible, but since there had been a track there it was okay to find the way. When the slopes were done, the sun shone again.
The day at Leknes was ended with a tour at the mall.

The trip is recommended!
Nature in Lofoten is absolutely great. Even while we were in the lowlands, we got a feeling of high mountain because of the mountains that surrounds the trail.